AP Chemistry

Course Information

Instructor:  Mr. Paul Warren (NKEC)
When is this course taught?: Year-long.TwicYear-long Class starts at 3:30 PM on Monday and Wednesday. Students MUST be online by the start of class.
Suggested Prerequisites: Chemistry 11 or Advanced Chemistry 11 is a strongly suggested prerequisite for enrollment in an AP Chemistry class. Also, the recommended mathematics prerequisite for an AP Chemistry class is the successful completion of a Math 11 ADV course due to the mathematical nature of a first year university level chemistry course.
Lab Experience: Students travel periodically to Northeast Kings Education Centre for course lab afternoons. Lab dates are set in consultation with the enrolled students.
Independent Study: Independent study is an integral component of this video conferencing course. Students must be independendent learners and have good time management skills. Past students consider this to be excellent preparation for a post-secondary education.

College Board Course Description

This course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first college year. For some students, this course enables them to undertake, as freshmen, second-year work in the chemistry sequence at their institution or to register for courses in other fields where general chemistry is a prerequisite. For other students, the AP Chemistry course fulfills the laboratory science requirement and frees time for other courses.

AP Chemistry meets the objectives of a good general chemistry course. Students should attain a depth of understanding of fundamentals and a reasonable competence in dealing with chemical problems. The course will contribute to the development of the students' abilities to think clearly and to express their ideas, orally and in writing, with clarity and logic. The college course in general chemistry differs qualitatively from the usual high school courses in chemistry with respect to the kind of textbook used, the topics covered, the emphasis on chemical calculations and the mathematical formulation of principles, and the kind of laboratory work done by students. This course covers content found in the Nova Scotia Grade 11/12 chemistry program along with additional topics. The course allows students to work at a higher level than they experienced in their normal high school courses. The course offers a laboratory experience equivalent to that of a typical college course.

It is strongly recommended that credit in Chemistry 11 or Advanced Chemistry 11 be a prerequisite for enrollment in an AP Chemistry class. In addition, the recommended mathematics prerequisite for an AP Chemistry class is the successful completion of a Math 11 ADV course.